Discover the value inside cancer records

All the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence oriented to the personalization of cancer follow-up and treatment.


The artificial intelligence based solution for personalized medicine

With the Iakan Health solution, physicians can access insights from

their hospital’s cancer patient records to support their decisions.

All data in one place

We connect with all different sources of information and transform them into standardize and interoperable database.


AI driven predictions about treatments effectivity that support doctors in their search of the most suitable drugs for each patient.

Actionable insights

All the key metrics, knowledge and alarms useful for oncologists in friendly views to improve follow-up, prevention and treatment.

Reasons to trust in Iakan

Our purpose is to extend the benefits of bioinformatic in the treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses across the world.

The scalable solution which allows the democratization of the best treatment.

  • More certainty
  • Universal knowledge
  • Patient first
  • Resource efficiency

Physicians are usually forced to made decisions with higher amount of uncertainty due that each patient with cancer could have different response to treatment.

Iakan is a CDSS (Clinical decision support system) that helps to made more precise decisions in personalized medicine with more valuable information.

This means to reduce the uncertainty, specially highlighted in cohorts of patients with less evidence in clinical guidelines.

We believe in creating the connections between hospitals and professionals through a sustainable technology. 

This means to continuously train models with new datasets through the escalation of Iakan to more hospitals and cohorts.

Thanks to this training, global knowledge increase and thus the possibilities to find the proper treatment. And the democratization around the globe can be possible.


Treatment of cancer entails high amount of toxicity and suffering of the patient. 

By attending with more recurrence to their needs, feelings, pains or limitations, without impact on time of the doctors, increase the quality of follow-up, the possibilities to attend complications rapidly and the proximity to the patient.

This data feeds the machine learning models to consider quality of life prediction in the development of treatment plans.

The use of the decision system helps to optimice resources by reducing uncertainty in decision making and time consuming in analysis of data.

This means reducing recidivous, reducing overmedication or time of hospitalization, which impact on total treatment costs.

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Transforming the complexity of cancer
into clear understanding

Our team of data scientists create machine learning models from the data,

learning from the experience of years and years in order to optimize future decisions.

Our discovery paths for enhance cancer care

Join to improve cancer treatment together

Breast cancer post-menopausical

Development of Machine Learning model with records of women in post-menopausical stage with clinical records from hospitals of Mexico.

Breast cancer

Machine Learning model of survival prediction created from breast cancer records of patients from USA.

Colon cancer

Machine Learning model for survival prediction and risk factors analysis of colon cancer records.

Lung cancer

Machine Learning model development for effectivity and toxicity prediction with lung cancer records from hospitals of Spain.

Open path

If you want to do a research on oncology with artificial intelligence we will be pleased to collaborate. 

The customers

Learn about our experience with the oncology center from Hospital Ángeles de Puebla of Mexico.

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