The evolution of Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatment

A digital solution based on Artificial Intelligence for improving decision making in Cancer Treatment

Iakan is a CDSS (Clinical Decision-making Support System) created to advise specialists in their search for personalized treatments against cancer, a process known as precision medicine.

Thousands of data from Hospitals and Laboratories are processed using Deep Learning in order to generate predictions in real time about the treatments with the highest success rate for a tumor


Iakan purpose is to improve all the cycle of Cancer treatment, from I+D until patient health monitor.


Oriented to be a solution for advice Oncologists in the selection of the best treatment for a patient’s tumor.


Pharmaceutics and laboratories can benefit of Iakan in order to optimice treatment development for certain tumors.


Patients inform and monitor their life habits through the APP to help doctors to select the best treatment and to be informed about their response to the cancer.

The core of Iakan

Iakan is mainly composed by 3 models:

big data collaborative

A large database is created, fed by users from hospitals and laboratories around the world, storing information from their researches and cases in a centralized and confidencial way.


The AI engine processes all the data and is trained (self-learning) to identify synergies (drug-tumor-genetic properties-history) and from them generate the predictions.


With reports and dashboard, the application shows valuable statistics and the results of the prediction: the most effective treatments for the patient.

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